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6417 St. Clair Ave.

Cleveland, Ohio 44103

Event center and hall rentals for weddings, corporate events, holiday celebrations or any special occasion. Located three miles east of downtown Cleveland, we are convenient from both the east and west side.


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Slovenian National Home

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Future Events at SNH

Slovenian National Home Kenik Room Fundraiser
During this unprecedented time, we've been 'busy as bees' developing a plan to renovate the Kenik Room.  Throughout the years, SNH has continued to undergo updates to preserve this historical venue.  This newest project will include the following improvements:
A facelift for the bar, creating a more functional space;  New ceiling, HVAC and lighting;  New coolers, sinks and ice machine;  Renovate kitchen countertops, cabinets and appliances.
As the events industry continues to change in light of the pandemic, these upgrades will allow SNH to competitively market itself as a premier events venue in Northeast Ohio and continue to serve our local Slovenian Community.
We invite you to make a donation to help offset the costs of these improvements.  Every contribution is helpful - no matter how big or small.
You have 2 methods to donate:  
You can use the "DONATE NOW" button above to perform it electronically or manually send via USPS by clicking the underlined wording: 
Download The Manual Donation Form Here 

Slovenian National Home Main Hall
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