Fundraiser in Conjunstion with St. Vitus Parish to benefit The Friends of Slovenian National Home and Slovenian Cultural Association with matching funds from KSKJ Lodges #25 and #26.

April 14th, 2019 from 11:00 to 1:30 PM

at St. Vitus Auditorium

6111 Lausche Ave. Cleveland, OH 44103

Adults: $15.00, Children under 12: $10.00

Contact: Stane Kuhar at 216-361-1444 or email to

St. Vitus Parish will hold its annual Palm Sunday benefit dinner on APR. 14, 2019 at 6111 Lausche Avenue, Cleve., OH 44103 from 11:00AM. to 1:30PM. Sit-down and take-out dinners will be available with cost at $15 adult and $10 child 12 years-old or younger. Main menu is roasted chicken or roast beef with all the trimmings: home-made Slovenian soup, salad, side veggie dish, potatoes, roll/bread, and home-made pastry.  Support this year is for literacy and culture.


Palm Sunday 2019 benefit event is for two not-for-profit 501 c 3 organizations promoting literacy and culture: Slovenian Cultural Association and Friends of Slovenian National Home.  Slovenian American Cultural Association supports the monthly bilingual publication “Slovenian American Times,” and Friends of Slovenian National Home supports Slovenian National Home, 6409 St. Clair Avenue, the “Mother Home” of all Slovenian Homes in northeast Ohio.


This is a “Matching KSKJ Program” event, meaning two local KSKJ Lodges, St. Vitus Lodge #25 and Christ the King Lodge #226, are each able to match up to a maximum of $2,000 a lodge on funds raised. This is matched through the home office of KSKJ, a national benefit society based in Joliet, IL.


Only 500 dinner tickets will be sold. All donations raised prior and during this event will be split between the two organizations. The general public is invited to attend a reasonably priced meal, enjoy good company, come to Mass, and support the good work of these two organizations. Reserved tickets may be ordered by calling the parish rectory at (216) 361-1444. Tickets will be available at the door provided all the 500 tickets are not sold out before Apr. 14, 2019. Donations may be sent directly to: St. Vitus Rectory, c/o Palm Sunday, 6019 Lausche Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44103 with checks made out as ”St. Vitus Church-PS.”


When ordering tickets PLEASE MENTION the Friends of Slovenian National Home.

Slovenian National Home - 6417 Saint Clair Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44103 

Slovenski Narodni Dom - 6417 Saint Clair Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44103

Friends of the Slovenian National Home - Cleveland, Ohio 44103

St. Clair Slovenian National Home - SNH